Thursday runnin’

Run: 5 mile total, 1 mile warm-up, 3 miles @ 6.53 pace, 1 mile cool down
Rev Abs: Power Interval DVD

Today was my final tempo run before the race on Sunday, all that is left is a 3 mile easy run tomorrow and a light workout on Saturday and then it is game time! The route again was around the Rosemont Area (5 mile tempo, 3 mile route map). The run is the normal sidewalk and bike lane run, with lots of room to kick up the pace or slow it down. I know I have not hit as many hills as when I started, but I am confident that my other workouts and cross training will help me get through the hills. The course is not too difficult and over bearing with hills based on the map online. A couple of days left and the days seem so much longer, and I wish these next couple days would just fly by a little faster so I can get to the runner’s expo on Saturday.

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