4 days to go

Run: Active Rest
Rev Abs: Total Strength & Mercy Abs

There are about 4 days left before the SF Marathon and I am surely very excited about it. In fact I cannot wait for Sunday to just happen… okay I’ll even take Saturday just to arrive, pulling up into San Francisco and checking in for the race getting my bib number. 10 weeks of working out and lets see where I am, my maintenance checks have been good, I have not had any issues (knock on wood), and I feel really good about my runs and mentally feel strong going into this one. 2 more runs left a 3 miler on Friday and a 5 mile total 3 miles tempo tomorrow. I might sneak in a 1 mile run on Saturday in SF just to get the legs working, but I think the walking around for a little bit should be good enough. Friday will be my carb load day, and saturday as I mentioned yesterday will just be lots of fun light eats. Well this is all I have to post today, have a good active rest and hope to see you in San Francisco! I will be posting all the way up to the run and for those of you that want to follow me on Twitter during the SF Marathon Expo and right before and after the race follow me on http://www.twitter.com/chrismalenab.

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