Back in Sac

Run: 3 miles @ 7.09 pace
Rev Abs: Fire Up Your Abs DVD

Today I was back home and got an easy run out of the way. It was a light 3 mile run just making sure my legs aren’t heavy going into this weekends marathon. Rather than any of my typical runs I normally do, as far as a loop, I ran down some random streets and just ran 3 miles (3 mile run map). It is all sidewalk and bike lane so it is an easy run. The reason I did a new route rather than just one that I know is exactly a 3 mile loop is because I just wanted to run and try something new as far as connecting parts of my runs to make one run. Anyways, 2 more runs and 2 rest days before the SF Marathon. I am ready and think it is time to just sit back and let my legs and the ground do the work. I have ran my miles, trained well now it is just a matter of time to see where it all takes me. I am very very excited to get the Runners Expo in front of me. I always look forward to the check in and see what else is around at the Marathon check in. As far as meals I will be carb loading Friday night, having lighter and SF favorite spots on Saturday before getting to bed early to be well rested for the run. Bring that 26.2 I’M READY!!!!

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