Good Morning San Diego

Run: 3 mile run @ 7.17 pace
Ab Rev Workout: Fire Up Your Abs DVD

Good morning San Diego. I love your beautiful weather, so I returned my love with a 3 mile morning run near my hotel. Not the perfect view of much but a good out and back run with all sidewalks (3 mile out and back San Diego). The morning weather was about 65 degrees, not much different than a morning in Sacramento, however the air was so much cleaner, there was a different feeling running today. My goal was to keep it nice and slow and run around my marathon pace for next week. It is always a little more difficult to figure out where you are going when you are on the road, but I found my way along a main street after a few turns, so my pace was about 2-3 seconds slower than planned but it was still a good run. The route had a pretty good amount of rolling streets with a decent little climb in the middle. Perhaps this route will be part of my 8 mile run on Sunday. The view was nothing spectacular, but when I think of SD I think of Qualcomm (stadium), and I ran by their corporate offices which are located near my hotel. I know there should be much more to write since I am in San Diego and there should be more than just a simple description of my run, but it was only 3 miles, I haven’t done much and in fact I am just getting settled in here. I’ll have more tomorrow and on Sunday, I will veer off from the just working out but throw in some fun and kicks here from San Diego. Thanks for checking my blog . “You stay classy, San Diego.”

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