Can it hurry up?

Run: Active Rest
Rev Abs: Power Intervals DVD

A week and a half out and it seems like these days are moving slower leading into the SF Marathon. I am getting very excited for the race, which is a good thing, I just hope I am able to complete my goal in this one. If not it isn’t a huge disappointment, I would just like to achieve qualifying. I always look at it as this, when I first started I just wanted to run 1 marathon in my life, this coming is number 6. I never thought qualifying for Boston was realistic, now it is. I just need to make sure that I do not get overly anxious going into the marathon because that might be the demise of my own success the, emotional drain that can happen going into competition of any type.
The workout today was a first for me in my Rev Abs program. So far I have really enjoyed the workouts they are a different type of workout, but still challenging, it is not the Insanity type of workout, but still a good workout. The Power Intervals DVD that was performed today, isn’t as intense and as powerful as it sounds but still a good light workout, that will prevent me from over doing it going into the marathon.

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