3 miles?!?

Run: 3 miles @ 6.59 pace
Rev Abs Workout: Fire Up Your Abs DVD

Today is a short run, and to be honest it almost feels like there really wasn’t much of a run or workout. Sometimes I feel like I should be doing more, but with less than 2 weeks I know less is more. Do less now so I have more for the run. The route again (3 mile Rosemont loop) is in my home area to just get my legs going, there won’t be much traveling as far as running areas until I post a couple of San Diego runs and a light run in San Francisco the day before the marathon. The Rosemont loop is very flat and all sidewalk onto today’s run. It is a very easy route with actually no stop lights to really worry about. The only downside at this moment is most of Rosemont Drive is all of the construction going on, so there is a lot of equipment, but if you get out there early enough no one is working on the road yet. Have a great day and enjoy the Sacramento weather.

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