Run: Active Rest
Additional Workout: Rev Abs Total Strength & Mercy Abs

This week and next are pretty simple as far as running is concerned. Most days are 3 mile runs with an 8 mile run this Sunday. I know it is taper time with 2 weeks to go, but I also know that too much rest can lead to heavy legs and that would also not be good. So I am still hitting a couple of workouts just to get the body temperature up and the heart rate going a little. Today I started the Rev Abs program which is a 90 day workout that incorporates core workouts and some resistance. I like the workouts but the leader of the DVD workouts can get annoying at times, but I have been able to tune out the none important information he says during the workouts already. This weekend I will have a 3 mile run and my 8 mile run all down in San Diego. I am looking forward to that along with some of the new runs I can find and the weather. Then next week is pretty easy and then the SF Marathon 26.2 miles of pure fun, enjoyment and pleasure.

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