Taking Others Advice

Run: 12 miles @ 7.24
Additional Workout: rest & recovery

So on Saturday I spoke to a few people via text and in person about getting ready for my Sunday 20 mile run. I received a lot of “20 miles? When do you start to taper then?”, I then realized that I run the SF Marathon in 2 weeks. I have been training for a solid 10 weeks and prior to that I ran a couple of half marathons where I PR’s in both of them within 2 weeks of each other. I have been training none stop since December for 4 different half marathons and this upcoming marathon. When do I taper and save my legs for the SF Marathon in hopes to qualify for Boston. The answer was right in front of me… I needed to start tapering NOW!!!! I have ran 5 marathons where I ran a 20 mile 2 weeks before the race, and in each of the marathons I got the same result … fatigue, injury, and a none qualifying time! So back to a post I posted before … “If I want something I have never had, I need to be willing to do something I have never done.” That means cut back and truly taper off going into the race.
The route I took was an out and back with a little loop in the middle of the run (12 mile run). The course starts me off at Capital Christian School, takes me through Sacramento State University and then back around the American River Parkway area, and finally coming back onto La Rivera and up to Capital Christian School. The route is all sidewalks and bike lanes. Knowing that there are 2 weeks until the SF Marathon, I thought I would go at a good steady pace, so that is why I pushed along at a 7.24 pace, not too fast but not too slow to keep my legs working and my heart pumping. It was actually a very good run for me, I felt good and could have ran my 20 miles that I had planned for, but I know the 8 other miles added on could be the difference between qualifying and not qualifying for Boston. 2 weeks out and now it is all easy 3-8 miles runs going into the final week.

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