enjoying the journey

Run: Active Rest
Additional Workout: Rev Abs Mercy Abs

Keeping it light this morning, I just did a quick 15 minute Ab routine this morning to get the core working and the muscles warm, before getting ready to start the day. Last night I didn’t get the best quality of sleep I am hoping to get some good nights rest tonight prior to my 20 mile run tomorrow. My goal is to start the run early and complete it well before the start of the World Cup Final featuring Spain vs. Holland. The last 20 mile long run, is tomorrow and over the next 2 weeks it is just maintenance work with an 8 mile run next Sunday. 10 weeks of training logging in 100’s of miles and it comes down to the pure excitement of the next 2 weeks. My main focus over this course of time is getting my workouts in, hydrating, eating correctly, preventative injury care, and just enjoying the journey. Starting next weekend I will cut our my consumption of beer and any other form of adult beverage. Then right after the 26.2 miles in San Francisco it will be time to toast a beer, in celebration of the completion of my 6th marathon and hopefully the qualifying time for the Boston Marathon!

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