Keeping the Tempo in East Sac

Run: Tempo Run total 7 miles. 1 mile warm-up, 5 miles @ 6.53 pace, 1 mile cool down.
Additional Workout: Rev Abs Mercy Abs DVD

Bringing me back to my favorite place to do speed and tempo workouts again at McKinley Park (1 mile loop @ McKinley). The 1 mile loop makes it easy to keep your target time and pace on the tempo workouts. The gravel / sidewalk combination makes it easy to run on, except for when the gravel area is a bit wet turning the dirt layers into mud like it was this morning. But even with that, there are still lots of options to run around the mud spots on the route. There was a good number of runners out this morning getting their early morning workout, and the weather was great for the early jump start to the day.

After the run portion, I added in a new core workout which was the Rev Abs Mercy Abs workout a 15 minute Ab routine. I am going to start the 90 day program which focuses on the abs with a little resistance training and light weights incorporated into the workouts. The program seems to be not as intense as Insanity which I have completed twice and not so weight oriented as P90X. I think it will be a good change of pace to add onto my marathon training and beyond as a change of workouts is always good for the body to keep it working rather than just going through the motions which often happens when we keep the same routine over an extended period of time. I am going to start the Rev Abs program next Monday, after a few of the workouts I will then post my review of the workout. However after trying out the Mercy Abs workout, I can tell you the “instructor” (Brett Hoebel)  can get pretty annoying with some of his “hip” lingo. Though the workout itself was pretty good, it might be worth sacrificing an annoying voice for the workouts.

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