Relax, Recover, and Rest

Run: Rest Day
Additional Workout: None

Yes, you read everything correct. Today is a no workout day. A true rest, recovery, and relation day. It has been about 7 weeks, where I have been grinding it out everyday with some sort of run, core workout, or weight lifting. Now that the SF Marathon is 3 weeks away, it is time to make sure I get some recovery days in there along with my workout days. The key here is to keep fresh and injury free, while still making sure I have fuel in the tank going into the 26.2 that I have been working to. After yesterday’s cramping and 20 miles, I thought to myself, I deserve the rest day, I need the rest day. I have been pounding my body pretty hard, and it’s time to do what it needs and that is back off just a tad and make sure I am smart over the next 3 weeks. I know I have mentioned the “GO HARD OR GO HOME” and “a day off is a day behind”, but I think that is more so a mentality for me, but on that same note, I need to realize there are things are off days, to allow my body to do what it needs and that is rest. Tomorrow is another day where I “get back on the horse” with a 4 mile run followed with some sort of core workout. Three weeks out until the SF Marathon and what remains is a 20 miler, and some short workouts, a couple tempo runs, and an 8 mile run that I will be doing down in San Diego the week before SF. The journey has been fun, the thrill of the chase has just begun, and now I am truly excited to see if all the hard work will help me get to Boston.

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