It’s Tuesday… How about another 4?

Run: 4 miles @ 6.59
Additional Workout: Insanity Cardio Abs

It’s pretty much the norm, when Tuesday hits, there is another 4 miles waiting. Considering I pulled out a 20 mile run on Sunday, I felt really good going into, during and after the 4 mile run. The pace was a little quicker than I had planned on but since my body was feeling good I just went with it. The 4 mile route is the “home” route, which I have posted nearly every time that I do a 4 mile Tuesday run (4 mile map). The route is all bike lanes and sidewalks, as usual you can hit a good fast pace or a slow pace on this run, which ever is your pleasure. Keeping with the theme of just staying healthy and injury free, is what today is all about. Enjoy your 4 miler and also enjoy the World Cup 2010 Semi-Finals!

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