20 in the bag

Run: 20 miles @ 7.56 pace
Additional Workout: rest

The 20 mile run was a bit of a challenge in the sense of it is 20 miles!!! Is there really such a thing as an easy 20 mile run? For some maybe there is for others like myself I think 20 miles is 20 miles it is a freaking long way!!! The 20 mile loop is very similar to the 18 mile course I ran last Sunday but with a 2 mile addition at the end of the run (20 mile map). It is all sidewalk and bike lane for the run, as you run through Sacramento State University, in the American River Parkway area, and loop around the Rosemont Neighborhood. The run was pretty good overall, though the morning started with a pretty good temperature already at 7.15 am PST. So I knew at some point the heat was going to be an issue. Fortunately for me Bethany rode along on the bike to hand off water and GU Brew to me as the ride went on. Things were going pretty well for me with the run as I started off the first 7 miles with a 7.35 pace, and decided to pull back as the weather started heating up and I knew the area I was going to run along had very little shade spots for me to run under. Eventually I worked down to a 7.40 pace, until mile 17. At mile 17 is where I started to struggle with a side cramp it caused me to stop for a couple minutes regain myself on my training run and then finish off the final 3 miles. Eventually I finished at a 7.56 pace, which was slower than I expected but did not take into consideration the heat that was going to come out. Also the cramping was due to a lack of hydration the two days before the run, as the temperature raises I need to make sure I continue to hydrate. My legs felt very good on run, my cardio was there, shoulders felt pretty good, but once that side cramping started then I knew that was something I needed to address and make sure I listened to my body. I hope all of you had a great 4th of July, I know I did and even got an extra workout while swimming in the pool for nearly the remainder of the day.

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