Excited for 20

Run: Active Rest
Additional Workout: Insanity Core Cardio & Balance

An easy morning with a 40 minute workout to get ready and save my legs for tomorrow’s 20 mile run. For some reason I feel very excited to start the 4th of July celebration day with a 20 miler. Last weeks 18 was good but not great and tomorrow’s 20 miler I think will be a good enjoyable run prior to all the celebrations going on. Tomorrow’s goal time will be a 7.40ish per mile pace, keeping it smooth and going, and running a faster 20 miler next week. I know I have put the miles in worked my tempo and speed work as well as I can and I think just getting the miles in over the next couple of weeks at a smart pace, not a hard pace is key to running a good 26.2 in San Francisco. The 20 mile mark in the run is the testing point for most runners so tomorrow will allow me to have a better gauge for the 26.2 time and pace. As many of you know the 20 mile mark is known as “the wall”, where most runners either stop or continue strong to the finish line.This is pretty much all I have for you today, enjoy your Saturday.

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