Grinding Out a Tempo

Run: Total Distance 6 miles; Tempo Run: 1 mile warm-up @ 7.45 pace, 4 miles @ 6.49, 1 mile cool down @ 8.00 pace
Additional Workout: Insanity Cardio Abs

I am a firm believer that everyday you learn something new about yourself. Today, I learned I am not an evening runner. I started my warm-up around 5.05 pm. The temperature was not too hot out there was a light breeze blowing, but my legs felt heavy and my stomach felt full. Overall I just felt tired, so those after work runners I give you guys more credit and say more power to you. I am fortunate enough to have the mornings to my workouts in but today, with an early start at work, I thought I would just push it to the evening… big mistake. My time was still decent but I was just not the same form, this is one of the times where I truly can say I should have and could have done better, no excuses. The 6.49 pace for the tempo run today was a true grind!
The run itself, starts with a 1 mile warm-up and jumps straight into the four mile tempo run followed by the 1 mile cool down. The route took me around my Rosemont neighborhood again, starting at Capital Christian School (6 mile run). The run is all sidewalk and bike lane, so it is a great way to get going on the run and pushing through the tempo run, this was a good route considering how I was feeling since it is a big loop and the only way to get it done is to complete the route. It is a familiar 6 mile route that I run normally around the area and incorporate into my series of longer runs. I hope tomorrow’s 4 mile easy run is a little easier than today’s tempo run. I am going to get an early start on all my runs, after today’s lesson about running in the evenings.

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