4 going on 20

Run: 4 miles @ 7.45 pace
Additional Workout: none, rest to save legs for Sunday’s 20 miler

Today’s run was an easy 4 mile run around the neighborhood.(4 miles around the block) A familiar route, with all sidewalk and bike lanes, to make a for a fun and fast or slow run, which ever is to your liking. My four miles this morning though at a slower pace than my tempo run from yesterday was much easier. I think much of it has to do with my legs are rested from the night and my body is adjusted to running in the mornings, so it is more natural to run in the mornings. This is an important thing for my own personal psychology because of the fact that I know I perform better in the mornings and marathons along with other races have morning gun times. The SF Marathon has a 5.20 am PST gun time, which will help me o perform my best. Sunday will be a fun 20 and will help me gauge my time for the actual marathon.

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