Going 18

Run: 18 miles @ 7.48 pace
Additional Workouts: none

An 18 mile run today, what a way to start off the day. Today was about a 7.10 am PST start. It started getting warm on the run, but at least I was able to beat the heat. The run starts at my favorite spot to start a run at Capital Christian School (map of 18 mile run). Long runs I am pretty familiar to, but today I had a nice little treat as Bethany, joined me on a bike to keep me company on 18 miler and provided me with water during the route. On these longer runs and where the heat can start kicking in during the run it is nice to have someone along side to help with hydration since I myself do not run with a water pack.

So for the route, as mentioned the 18 miles starts and stops around the Capital Christian School area. The first few miles of the run takes you along La Rivera until hitting CSU Sacramento. This time rather than running by the campus I actually ran through the backside of the campus and came back around to the front side of the campus heading to the H Street Bridge, all of you CIM runners know this is the last climb as you approach East Sacramento and Downtown. After the H Street, I then ran on Fair Oaks until Howe Avenue, where I ended up hoping onto American River, until the Watt Ave Crossing. Once on Watt I joined La Rivera back until I hit Folsom Blvd, then did a familiar loop around the Rosemont Area. Finishing up the run on Bradshaw and back around to finish near Capital Christian School. The route is all sidewalks and bike trails, there are not too many stop lights which made it for a smooth run overall.

Today’s 18 miler however was where toward mile 17 my legs got pretty tired! This is the first time where I have felt this but I think it might be a result of going too hard too early in my training. But a couple good recovery runs during the next week and couple of weeks coming up. I am still pretty happy with my pace since it was a good slower pace and comfortable where I was able to talk and chat with Bethany for the entire time. I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday with the World Cup 2010 continuing with the knockout stages.

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