A nice and easy 3 … hit and run!

Run: 3 Mile run @ 7.22 pace
Additional Workout: Insanity Rest day by choice

Today’s 3 mile stroll was an interesting one. I went at a slower easy pace after yesterdays speed workout, to allow for my legs to recover for Sunday’s 18 mile run. The 3 mile run around the Rosemont area (3 mile route). Similar to any other run in Rosmeont the course is flat and all sidewalk / bike lane. The run starts at Albert Einstein Middle School, running past Rosemont High School and finishing near James W. Marshall Elementary School. Normally I wouldn’t have too much to write about today’s type of run except for what happened after the 3 miles were completed as I was walking home.

So after I completed my run around 5.50 am, is where the story gets good and interesting. I was walking home in my running gear, brighter colored top, easily visible, when a women hit me in the crosswalk. It was not a hard hit but enough to give me a scare, I was bumped by the passenger side bumper. The driver was a female driver putting on her make-up while driving. As she made contact with me she happened to look up I backed up a step and then she decided to speed off. I did not catch a plate number but I know it was a red Toyota Camry. I know I will see this person again but just for future reference please drivers DO NOT PUT MAKE UP ON WHILE DRIVING!!!! There are actually people who use cross walks. It was not too bad of a hit on me but it is more so principle that the driver did not stop to see if I was okay, no apology nothing! Karma will get back at her at some point. On another note, enjoy the final day of World Cup group play.

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