It’s Almost Zen Like

Run: Active Rest
Additional Workout: Insanity Max Interval Circuit

A lot of my close none running friends always say ” I don’t get it, why do you run?”, “You ran 16 miles today? and your still up running around right now, I would be in the hospital.” Running gets to a point where it is little effort, it almost becomes like a form of meditation. When you hit the road especially for the longer easy paced runs, my body just goes, there is very little thought and sometimes you don’t even realize how many miles or minutes have passed. When running becomes part of the routine, it is no longer a chore it really does become a very peaceful activity, wether you go on a run with the iPod on, enjoy the sounds of cars, nature or the early morning silence, it is all the same. For me the longer the run the easier it is to get into this state of relaxation. Obviously the speed and tempo workouts are a little more physically demanding, but if your not looking for increasing your speed or just want to go on long runs you have a lot of look forward to if a little peace is what you want. Just go on a run and if you can start to truly enjoy hitting the road, you will completely understand what I mean when I say it is like a form of meditation.

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