Timeless 6

Run: 6 mile @ ?.?? pace
Additional Workout: Insanity Max Interval Circuit

Another really early morning run today, with Germany playing at 4.30 PST, USA playing at 7.00 PST, and England playing at 11.30 PST, I needed to get my run in before the games started. Today I ran the same 6 mile loop that I have been, so I am not posting a route description again (6 mile recovery loop). With iPod charged, Nike Vapor headphones in ear, headwear on, gloves on, and all my other running apparel, I was missing one thing on purpose. I chose to run without a watch today, this would allow me just to go without paying attention to pace and over all time. I wanted to run easy and run at what my body thought was around a 7.45 pace. I am pretty sure I ran about a 7.45  pace per mile for 6 miles and maybe a little quicker but I know it was not a 7.00 or 7.15 pace either. It was good for a recovery run week, and maybe I might do this more often on some of those easy runs, this will prevent me from trying to run too fast to beat a personal best on a short training run where speed is not a concern because it is a recovery run for the week. I recommend trying it out every now and then to allow your body just to run and your mind to rest on those recovery days. So take it easy and run light enjoy your 6 miler today.

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