Pacing Down

Run: 6 mile @ 7.27 pace
Additional Workout: Insanity Max Plyo

Today is the start of a slower easy run for four days. Each of the days this week where there is a scheduled run is a slower 6 mile pace. In essence a recovery week before hitting a couple 20 miles runs in the upcoming weeks leading into the SF Marathon. So the key for this week is staying to the easy run week and not going too hard and wearing down. I figure I have posted some good training times and no matter how strong I am feeling going into and during my runs I need to keep the pace slower and really stick to it.

As far is the route for this week it will be pretty much similar for the four 6 mile runs during the week. (Rosemont 6 mile loop) Starting at Capital Christian the 6 mile loop takes you all through the Rosemont Neighborhood, both north and south of Kiefer. It is all neighborhood with housing except for when you hit Watt Ave and Folsom Blvd, otherwise it is pretty traffic free and there is a lot of room for running on the sidewalks and bike lanes. The final mini climb is as you hit the overpass running south on Mayhew and head back to your starting point.

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