16 in the books

Run: 16 miles @ 7.28 pace
Additional Workout: Rest after the run

This early morning run put me 16 miles closer to the SF Marathon, 6 weeks from today. The route today (16 mile map) combined a couple of my long and short runs to put into my 16 miles together. Starting at Capital Christian School, I headed north on Mayhew then after the overpass turned left on Folsom. About half a mile down the route turns left onto La Riveria which allows for a longer stretch on the run that is pretty smooth and clear of stop lights. However the entire run is pretty clear of traffic when you hit the pavement at 4.00 am. La Riveria takes you all the way to the Sac State area before coming back onto Folsom Blvd. After hitting Watt Ave, you begin to run the route through housing areas through the Rosemont and Lincoln Village neighborhoods. The run is smooth lots of sidewalk and bike lanes but again when you leave early on a Sunday morning you can pretty much own the road.
Now as far as my run goes today, the pace was a lot slower than I was used to or have been running as of late. A 7.28 per mile pace for a total of 1 hour 59 minutes and 28 seconds for the 16 miles. My legs were a little tired and body a bit drained from the late nights and early mornings for the World Cup. But was I disappointed with my time? Not really, I put 16 decent miles, not great but not bad. Also during my run there was something that popped in my head from a movie my girlfriend and I were watching last night. It was a movie called “More than a game” which is about Lebron James and a couple of his high school and childhood basketball teammates and friends. The thing that popped in my head was a sign that was briefly panned on in one of the scenes as they scanned the St. Mary’s St. Vincent’s locker room. In the locker room was a sign with the in big letters the word “SACRIFICE”, under the word it stated “if you want something you’ve never had, you have to be willing to do something you’ve never done”. But how does that go with being okay with a slower time today? Sacrifice … I think I never really knew what it meant to “Sacrifice” in my running. I’ve been used to running peddle to the metal, all the time. And with that being said I have not qualified for the Boston Marathon after 6 Marathons. So today my “SACRIFICE” was listening to my body, still putting the 16 miles in but at a slower pace. This morning my body was not 100% so I did sacrifice my ego for being able to run the 16 miles not 12 miles hard and walking 4 because if I did run with a mind set of 7.12 per mile, I wouldn’t have been able to finish 16 miles this morning. So training SMARTER not HARDER is what my sacrifice is, being able to get a 3 hour 10 minute mark in San Francisco is what it is about.

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