Finding A Run

Run: Active Rest
Additional Workout: Insanity Core Cardio & Balance

Often times I just pick a run commit to it by financially committing and then start training. Before I can pay for one I need to find one. Obviously there is the most common way to find a half marathon, full marathon, 5k or 10k, knowing the name and just “googling” it. But what if you don’t know the name, perhaps a first time runner wanting to find a race to have as a goal, none of your friends can help and maybe your coming across my blog and your not from Sacramento. Well a great way to get started is checking out Half On their website you can find nearly any half marathon in all of the USA and a lot of international ones as well. This is a good start, and from there if you find one in city you want to run in you can often find a race that is specific to you if it is a 5k all the way to a full marathon. Enjoy searching find a race and financially commit to it, its amazing what happens when you pay the $40, suddenly you don’t want to lose or waste it so often times you train and are focused on the run just from that stand point. Whatever gets you motivated to get running I think is a good start to getting to your goal even if it means you don’t want to waste $40.
So I hope many of you are enjoying the World Cup 2010, I know I am. After one day of play and two draws, it is amazing how much I have realized how much running and soccer have in common. Not from the cardio or physical standpoint but from the people who don’t understand it standpoint. After two draws I heard people say “2 TIES?!?!”, “soccer is like watching grass grow or paint dry”, and “what’s the point?”, running is like the same thing. I often get the question “what is the point?” and “how can it be fun?”, well I guess there really isn’t a solid answer, for each have their own and for some people it’s for them and others it’s not.

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