Run Fast I Like

Run: Tempo Run for 6 mile Total. 1 mile warm-up @ 7.30 pace, 4 miles @ 6.48, 1 mile cool down @ 8.00 pace
Additional Workout: Insanity Max Recovery

Today’s run brought me back to a familiar and favorite place for my tempo runs. McKinley Park in Sacramento (McKinley Loop Map). For tempo runs and speed workouts like I have mentioned in previous blogs, this is easy to mark where you are and if you need to pick up the pace or slow down etc. There were a number of runners, walkers, and dogs out today. With the weather being nice as of late, I anticipate that the park will gradually fill with more and more people looking to enjoy the outdoors. I hope your runs have been going well. I am excited for Sunday’s 16 miler and then next week is a recovery week with 6 mile runs on each of the workout days.

Starting tomorrow through July 11 the blog post will either be entered very early or later in the day. For those of you that have been living in a cave or under a rock the World Cup 2010 begins tomorrow at 7.00 AM PST.

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