Planning a workout

Run: Active Rest
Additional Workout: Insanity Max Interval Plyo

I know many of you that have been following my blog have wanted some sort of suggestions as far as running a 5k, 10k or even getting ready for your first 1/2 marathon or want to run the full 26.2 at some point. So I thought I would share a great workout planner with you that I have found to be very helpful. I know some of you may think running groups are tough due to schedules, cost or other various reasons, and then the cost of a running coach could also be pretty expensive. Running as simple as it is can end up costing a good amount of money with the cost of races alone. So with that being said what about finding a coach that can create a workout plan for you for FREE!!!!
Well here it is. It is called the Smart Coach Training Program by Runner’s World. SMART COACH LINK. Just plug in a couple bits of information and there you have it, a day by day training log and goal times. I think it is beneficial for new runners. The reason I say new runners is because of the fact that once you get going the best “coach” is your body. Don’t hold back too much if your legs feel great, or worry too much about your times if you just aren’t feeling it that day. After running for a while you can start to find other programs then, at that point just start putting your programs together on your own based on work schedules. My own personal workouts are a hybrid of about 2-3 different marathon programs I have used in the past and liked certain elements of them.

I hope you enjoy today’s blog and don’t be afraid to start using the Smart Coach to get you started.

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