Cruising the block

Run: 3 miles @ 7.09
Additional Workout: Insanity Max Interval Circuit

After Sunday’s 14 mile run and an active recovery yesterday today was a light stroll around the neighborhood. A light 3 mile run just to get the legs recovered since Sunday’s run was the longest run I have logged in my Vibram Five Fingers. This Sunday will test me again as I log 2 more miles to that for a total of 16 miles.
So today’s run started and finished at my registered polling place. (Just a reminder, if you haven’t GO VOTE!!!!) (3 miles around the block). Starting at Albert Einstein Middle School you have plenty of room to park your car on the street or in the parking lot. This run is a quick flat and fast run as you get to basically hit the turbo button if you want but for today, I held back and just cruised as I mentioned. Kiefer Blvd is the only location where you have a crosswalk as you pass Mayhew and pass across the Perkins Branch Post Office and Rosemont High School. Once on Bradshaw Road you have a lot of sidewalk to run on and no traffic lights to battle with because you turn left at the next main light on that road. about half a mile along this road on Goethe and then your back to the home stretch. So nice and quick for today. Enjoy the recovery run and get those legs ready for  the rest of the week, SF Marathon is just around the corner so I hope your getting as excited as I am. Good luck if your training for a race coming up.

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