Tour of Sacramento

Run: 14 miles @ 7.12 pace
Additional Workout: Recovery after the run

Today’s morning run brought me 14 miles closer to finishing my training for the San Francisco Marathon. It was also the longest distance to date that I have ran in my Vibram Five Fingers, which I felt good in. My pace was a little slower than my previous half marathon times and even some of my more recent training runs. I finished the 14 miles in a total time of 1 hour 40 minutes and 45 seconds with about a 7.12 pace. This pace though about 10 seconds slower than normal might be what I run my SF Marathon pace as. This pace for the 26.2 would still be good enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon. We will see if this is a race I still go all out on, it will really be based on my 20 miler that I run on July 4th.

So for the course (14 miler run map), I started with my favorite spot to start that being Capital Christian School because of the parking that is easily accessible and it is fairly close to my home. The run is pretty straight and flat. After going over the normal freeway overpass on Mayhew you hang a left onto Folsom heading west. Folsom is flat and has lots of room on the sidewalk to run around. This is actually a very fun a scenic route once you pass 65th. on Folsom you run along businesses and a lot of restaurants where people are outside having Sunday brunch. Once you pass the F65 area, then the run becomes more enjoyable.

Around the 8 mile mark where you start hitting downtown Sacramento. This is a fun route especially on a Sunday since there is not too much traffic but you still get that down town feeling if that is your style of running, which I really enjoy. One of the enjoyable sections on the run is once you get onto J Street, running along the Sacramento Convention Center and other businesses is a good change of pace for those of you that run just on the trail, there are a lot of things to see as far as buildings in this area. The only downside to the run is there is a bit of a time and momentum killer once you get onto J Street and 3rd because there are three crosswalks that you have to go through to get back onto the other side of the street to be able to loop back. Once you get through the crosswalks it is an easy run back up I street and eventually onto H Street. On H Street you get to run through more buildings but eventually running more by houses, there are some really nice houses in this area so again you get a change of scenery.
Then as you start to hit mile 12 you end up at McKinley Park. The last 2 miles are ran in East Sacramento, on McKinley Drive, now you get the residential neighborhood and run by a school and eventually finish up near the corner of McKinley and Elvas which is the border of East Sacramento.

You will need someone to pick you up at the end of this route if you run this 14 miler to get you back to your car. But I truly think this run is well worth the slower pace and a couple of stop and goes on the crosswalks if you want a change of scenery.

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