North Rosemont 5 Mile Loop

Run: 5 miles @ 6.53 pace
Additional Workout: Insanity Max Interval Circuit

Another neighborhood loop this morning for the five mile run day. This one again kept in my home course. Starting at Capital Christian School (North Rosemont Loop 5 mile), you have plenty of room to park your car in the parking lot or on the street in the neighborhood. You start by heading north on Mayhew and running on the overpass, so a nice climb to get the legs warmed up and then from there it is all flat. Folsom Blvd is a very fast route unless you get caught at the stop lights but for the most part there aren’t too many delays on this run. The run has nice wide sidewalks and bike lanes to run on so it is a safe route as far as staying away from traffic. The only downside is there are some small pebbles and rocks along the side of the bike lanes, so for all you barefoot runners you could find a challenge dodging those items. Once you hang a left onto South Watt Ave., you are free to go as hard as you want because after the Folsom & Watt intersection there are not too many other busy intersections that will slow you down. Kiefer and back onto Mayhew is where you can pick up a lot of time as you head back to Capital Christian Center and the 5 mile run completes. This is the north part of the Rosemont Community, hope you enjoy this route if your looking for a new place to run.

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