Neighborhood Speed Run

Run: Speed Workout Total of 5 miles. 1 mile warm-up 7.30 pace, 3 miles @ 6.33 pace, 1 mile cool down 8.00 pace
Additional Workout: Insanity Max Recovery

The speed workout for today took me around the Rosemont neighborhood. The loop is pretty fast and quick (rosemont 5 mile loop). Starting off at Albert Einstein Middle School you pass several schools on the run including Rosemont High School and Capital Christian School. The first mile is a quick warm-up mile and once you hit the middle three miles it is pretty fast and quick as you run all on sidewalk and bike lanes. There is only one cross walk that might slow you down but if you time it correctly you do not loss too much time on the run. Once you hook onto Bradshaw you can pick up some good speed as it is just flat and straight. Then finally you hook a left onto Micron where again you can keep up the speed to finish off the middle three as you pass Capital Christian School. If you want fast and flat this is your run. During a school day I would recommend running this route fairly early to avoid foot, bicycle and car traffic as you pass along a number of routes to the various schools in the area.

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