Born to Run … pick up a copy

Run: Active Rest
Additional Workout: Insanity Max Interval Circuit

Today is the beginning of the last four weeks (part 2) of Insanity and it takes it up a notch. If some of you are just starting the Inanity workouts and think part one is easy, well part 2 should be more your style but make sure you go through the first four weeks so you know all of the different exercises as they build on it in the second month.

As for a topic for today, I think every running enthusiast and sports fan should take a look at a book titled “BORN TO RUN” by Christopher McDougall. I was turned onto this book by one of my cousins and just recently started reading it. It is a very easy and fast read, very interesting and probably most of all it keeps me motivated and inspired just that much more every time I pick it up and start looking at my next training run or race.

BORN TO RUN is about a hidden tribe in Mexico, and not just any part of Mexico but the Copper Canyons of Mexico. Christopher McDougall goes in search of the Tarahumara Indians. He studies them and wants to know what is it in them that allows them to run not just 20 miles but 100s of miles at a time.
Here is one of my favorite lines in the book:

“Running a hundred miles wasn’t painless for the Tarahumara, either: they had to face their doubts, and silence the little devil on their shoulder who kept whispering excellent reasons in their ears for quitting.”

Without saying too much about the book and ruining the story, just pick it up and read it. Ultimately I think it will make many of you realize that we were all “born to run”. I found my copy at Borders book store, but you can also check out the Born To Run website ( for further info or to get a copy.

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