Livermore Park Loop 5 Miler

Run: 5 Miles @ 6.49 pace
Additional Workout: Insanity Core Cardio & Balance

For this morning’s run I found myself in the city of Folsom just off of Highway 50 and Prairie City Road (Livermore 5 Mile Loop Map). The run is a very easy run with a few rolling streets and a couple steady but comfortable up hills. The run starts off at Livermore Park on Riley it is a great place to park your car and leave it right next to the beginning of the run. From there the first part of the run is downhill towards Blue Ravine, then you start a small climb up Blue Ravine where it eventually flattens out until you get to Prairie City Road where you have another small climb. Going up this climb you get a good view of Folsom High School on your right hand side and there are more houses and apartments on your left. Once you get back onto Oak Avenue it is smooth sailing a couple rolling parts in the road and then you head back down hill on Riley. The route has about 99% sidewalk with the exception of about 20 yards of street that I found myself running on. It is a great route that I will probably frequent over the next 8 weeks as I get ready for the SF Marathon. Painless route but you still get some work in with the change of streets and climbs.

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