Out and Back 6 Miler

Run: 6 miles @ 6.58 pace
Additional Workout: Insanity Core Cardio and Balance

Today’s run took me to Promontory Park in El Dorado Hills, Ca. Out and Back Map. This is a pretty easy route where you should not get lost because it is an out and back run. The run is all on sidewalks so it is a very safe run, the only thing you have to be aware of are the rabbits that are along the run, so if your okay with a couple rabbits sprinting out crossing the sidewalk then you should be okay. I started by parking my car at Promontory Park to start my run, there is a little down hill beginning to the run then you start a gradual climb up Empire Ranch Road and then flatten out with a couple rolls in the road. Once you hit the three mile mark then you descend down hill for the most part until you go back up towards the park. If you do not run very many climbs this could be a decent start as you will feel them. Overall this is not too challenging but still a good run. The positive side is there is a great view of Folsom Lake and Empire Ranch Golf Course as you run back from the 3 mile mark all the way back to Promontory Park.

The Additional Workout today is the same for the 6 days of Insanity this week. It is the fifth week of the program before you go harder for the next 4 weeks after to finish off the program.

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