10 miles closer to the SF Marathon

Run: 10 mile run @ 6.58 pace
Additional workout: rest after the 10 miler

Today’s run took me along one of my favorite loops near my home. Starting in Rosemont, traveled to Sac State and back on a couple of major roads covering, Folsom Blvd, Watt Ave., La Riveria, and Kiefer Blvd. Map of 10 Miler Loop. The run is pretty flat and easy to cover in a good time. My goal time was 70 minutes and I was able to run it in a total of 69 minutes and 41 seconds. There is very little change in elevation and is about as flat as you can get with staying on the streets. The only slight change in elevation you battle is in the first mile which is the overpass going over Highway 50. There is a lot of traffic which I enjoy running among.

A couple of fun places you get to see on the course include CSU Sacramento… and well thats pretty much it. There are a number of cyclist on the road and a few runners that come and go off the bike trail along the American River but that is pretty much it. So if you need people to run with this is not the loop you want because for the most part you are alone as a runner as the cars drive by on the streets. It is a very safe route however since all roads have sidewalks and bike lanes.

10 miles in the books after today’s run. Which means 9 weeks remaining until July 25 and I tackle the San Francisco Marathon. This will be my 6th full marathon which I am very excited about. As for a goal time, at this point I am not sure what I want to shoot for. I just like running and want to enjoy the run. Perhaps a goal time will be set after I hit my 17 – 22 mile runs in a few weeks. That will give me a better sense of where I am as I start to log more miles.

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