Fair Oaks Five Miler

Run: 5 Miles @ 6.50 pace
Additional Workout: Insanity Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

Today’s run took me along part of the CIM course on Fair Oaks in the city of Fair Oaks. The run starts off at Fair Oaks Park (Fair Oaks Loop Map), heading south on Fair Oaks you run part of the CIM course and hit a few rolling hills. You hang a right onto Sunset and as the road comes down you come right back up it, again nothing too major but enough to make you notice the soft rolls on the run. Once you get onto Sunrise you turn right and run alongside the morning traffic, which I enjoy that is why rarely do I run on the trail. You continue on Sunrise passing the Sunrise Mall and eventually turn right onto Greenback Lane. This part of the run is pretty flat and you can kick up the speed. Once on Greenback the street begins to roll a bit until you hit Fair Oaks where again you jump onto a portion of the CIM Course. This is where the run gets a little tricky not because of the road but to make sure you get enough distance in before heading back to your starting point. I ended up taking a right onto E. Sunrise and followed the street about 1/4 mile to make sure I could get enough distance before looping back towards Fair Oaks. Once back on Fair Oaks you continue on the CIM path until hitting Fair Oaks Park, where I ended up running about a 1/5 of a mile circle to complete the 5 mile run. I really enjoyed this route because of the rolling hills and the enjoyment of running in a main street but without too much traffic. Sidewalks and bike lanes are throughout the entire run which keeps it pretty safe.

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