Tempo Run McKinley Park Loop

Tempo Run: 5 mile total distance. 1 mile warm-up @ 7.45 , 3 mile tempo @ 6.39 pace, 1 mile cool down @ 8.00 pace.

Additional Workout: Insanity Cardio Recovery (33 minutes)

Today’s run is a total of 5 miles. The first 1 mile and last mile are a warm-up and cool down mile, before pushing the peddle to the metal. The location for today is McKinley Park. It is a great run to get a tempo work out in because it is a simple one mile loop. There are a ton of runners out there with different running levels and and can give you sense of running in a race, someone to chase, if that makes it easier to run a faster tempo.

As a continuation off of yesterday’s blog post. If you get a chance try to watch Tuesday May 18th’s episode of Real Sports With Bryant Gumble which features barefoot running. I will try to find a video that I can post on a future blog.

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